Caffeine Convention In a Box

Important News about Caffeine Con 2021

caffeine con 2021

While this event is officially over, you can still request a box via email.
Contact GreenEyedGuide at to request a box.

March is Caffeine Awareness Month!

In place of an on-site event this year, you’ll get to learn new caffeine facts and enjoy a variety of coffees, teas, and other caffeinated treats without leaving your home! We’ll call this “Caffeine Awareness Month In-A-Box.”

Each box comes with over $100 in caffeinated treats and promo codes for popular vendors. The best part is, these treats and promo codes are yours for the low price of $20! All you need to do is cover the cost of the box, packing materials, and shipping. 

Treat yourself for Caffeine Awareness Month! 

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But wait!

We know you have many options when it comes to caffeine, so we’re offering two different boxes.

  • Choose the Caffeine Adventure Pack for a collection of coffees, teas, carbonated drinks, and treats.
  • Choose the Tea and Coffee Lover Collection if you’re feeling a little less adventurous (i.e., no energy drinks please).

Which gift box will you choose?

Caffeine Adventure Pack

A gift box designed to help you celebrate caffeine in all forms: coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, edibles, and more.

Tea and Coffee Lover Collection

A gift box carefully assembled for those who prefer tea and coffee over all other forms of caffeine.

Please do not consume all these yummy treats in one day. Healthy Adults should not exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day per the US FDA and Health Canada. That’s the tipping point where the side-effects of caffeine start outweighing the benefits of caffeine.

All products in these goody boxes have the caffeine content declared on the label. See if you find it.

The 3 Guidelines of Caffeine Awareness Month:

  • Know how much caffeine you can have in 1 day
  • Know how much caffeine is in your food or drink before you open it
  • Know how to spot the signs of too much caffeine – jitters, anxiety, trouble sleeping, nausea, headache, racing heart, irritability, and elevated blood pressure.

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Treat Yourself for Caffeine Awareness Month

caffeine con 2021 box